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The  English version of the poem that Francesc Brunet-Llobet wrote in the occasion of the death of his father, has been reviewed by Mike Edwards.  

This english version is  specially dedicated to Wim Termeer passed away on July 18 of 2006.

for Wim

Right now our voices wants to calling you,
but the melodies of these voices, that  you well recognizes,
does not have the miracle nor the power to returns you,
but have the magic tenderness of the love for saying   that we feel
 strange without you.

And now, remains  us the echo of your words and your gestures within our soul
like an unequivocal signal that always you will be at our side. 

And these slow tears that come off like stars flakes
from our eyes and within our hearts, are also slight sounds
tenderly rising for crossing this distance
that separates us today, and tell you that we love you

And converting each day into intimate conversations, until to, in the measure  of 
the time of every one, we return to be together  again, in order to be able with style and 
particularity, to talk between us  as if nothing had happened.

Rest in Peace.

Francesc Brunet-Llobet
Sabadell  ( Barcelona)   (Spain)
(Written at end of April 1996 on the occasion of the death of his father)


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